it's getting hot in here...

hello world,

i've been home for over two weeks now. passed all my exams in trondheim and half of my exams in the netherlands (which i'm really happy with)! i'm FREE for the moment, but i don't have a job, i don't have a place to live (so i can't move - which was the plan for the beginning of july)... i did buy an ukulele though, which i'm practising all the time and i'm nearly that far i can present you a song maybe later today but definitely in the weekend. it's awesome :)
summer hasn't been too amazing yet, but i have faith that everything will work out. i have a job interview tomorrow, can go see at some apartments next week (oke, kijkavonden...) so please please CROSS YOUR FINGERS. i do know for sure i'll go to vienna a couple of days though, and to haldern pop festival, so summer definitely will get more exciting. right now it's just too hot to get outside, and even inside i'm sticking to everything i touch... at 8:54 in the morning it already is 33 degrees celcius... oh oh. this is going to be such an exciting day! .... (i plan to watch movies, paste pictures, maybe order new pictures, write letters, watch soccer!!!!!!!!, sit outside in the shadow / in our hammock, and sleep)
i hope you're all fine.