i didn't want to wake up (because sometimes dreams are nicer than real life), wrote a whole page about you and how much i miss you and how everything could have been and actually should have been, looked at (old) pictures that made me smile and cry at the same time. i decided today would be a day for just me, tomorrow for the world again. i finished reading roskilde (it's perfect), wrote it down on my "books everyone should read"-list and dreamt a bit more. i cleaned my desk, threw a whole lot of papers and tickets and tiny notes in the garbage, took some out again, had a break while calling with my parents (only 3 more days! i miss them), planned things for tomorrow so it actually is going to be a nice day. i watched some tv, made dinner and ate it while watching hello goodbye and trying not to cry. iva called, she came over and since she's leaving to sweden tomorrow, we had to say goodbye. i cleaned my small table, read way too nice emails, wrote postcards, ate cookies, talked on skype, and now i'm not sure what to do. but i am sure iva gave me the nicest poster ever.

(it's from the film festival here in trondheim, where i was volunteering this march)


  1. mooie posterrr! (btw, ik denk al de hele tijd "marlou mailen marlou mailen", maar ik denk dat ik het vergeet want ik ga straks weg. ik wou even zeggen dat ik helemaal niks meer hoor van je kamerman, hij mailde dat hij vandaag kon maar dan ben ik er dus niet, toen gaf ik een alternatief en toen heb ik niks meer gehoord... reken er dus maar niet meer op... :/


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