oslo, day 2

this morning we walked through slottsparken. destination: city center!

of course a quick stop at the royal palace, mainly to try and make the guards laugh (which is quite easy in norway - london is my new goal). further down at karl johan you find sentences / short poems, and the word ikke always makes me think of a friend that didn't know it means "not" in norwegian. in dutch it's some "children language" for "i" - cute.

barbara told me about this shop where they should have oslo's best kanelbullar. we passed by, and she's definitely right: it was big, tasted really good ánd it had frosting on top! awesome. (united bakeries, karl johans gt. 37-43, and more places!)

and when the clock got closer to 13:30, we walked in the direction of the harbor (since our bed & breakfast host told us they have a huge screen for all the world cup matches). there were denmark supporters everywhere... we went inside though, found a nice place between netherlands supporters ;) and watched the game.

even the danish royal family was there ;D they didn't help that much though, because we / the netherlands won. yessssss

quick stop at the opera, before heading back to our appartment. (we actually walked a lot more than it looks like - and my feet were tired.....)

but never too tired for some yoghurt ice! ever after hjartesmil wrote about this place i couldn't wait and go try myself. i had: chocolate chip cookie and yoghurt ice, with raisins, white chocolate bits, some milk chocolate and sweets on top. so good! (yogurt heaven, tullins gt. 5)

this evening we went for another small walk through frogner.

to end with buying my favourite (norwegian) chocolate + water. tomorrow it's time to leave norway, after more than 5 amazing months..... definitely not looking forward to this, though it will be nice to get home again.


  1. pap en mam14.6.10

    Ha Marlou,
    Bedankt dat je onze "gids" wilde zijn in Oslo. We hebben genoten. Dank je.
    Knuffels Pap & Mam

  2. wat een fijne post :)

    Goede reis naar huis!


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