helloooooo summer

hello world,

summer break is here! i hope in the end of august i can summarize my summer 2010 in some pictures that look like the ones above (which are all linked to their sources).
today was my last exam, but my summer holiday feeling is not close AT ALL... (it rained all day, that might be the reason) my exams went okay, and the last week actually was quite amazing. besides a lot of studying (and not taking any pictures at all), i met up with some old friends, played frisbee (and got my wrist sprained and 3 fingers bruised...), ate the whole box of strawberries on my way back from the supermarket, danced in the fjord, hung out with eirik and david and made a "music video" (which they are still editing. i'll share as soon as i have it!) and i had to say goodbye to some people that already were leaving. like lara, my flatmate. it's weird how silent everything is right now and the feeling i have to leave trondheim as well kinda scares me out, but i'm going to make the best out of my last 10 days here anyway... :)

summer 2010 will be: bbq's at the fjord, dancing on rooftops and hanging out with amazing people from all over the world. seeing my parents again, driving the amazing e6 down to oslo, meeting up with friends from folkehøgskole, and aleksander. leaving norway, coming back to the netherlands, eating as much nachos (and KROKETTEN) as possible to celebrate being back, BIKING, drinking wine next to the canals, having picknicks, dancing in places that don't close at 2.30 and kubb. i'll work, move, laugh, love, miss, live, enjoy. and of course there will be haldern pop and de affaire and hopefully both vienna and tallinn. my summer is by far not going to be as boring as i thought, and you can't imagine how happy i am for that.

i hope your summers are going to be amazing as well. do you have some nice plans?

and OH - i just got a phone call that i'm selected to be part of the pubquiz team of esn groningen next year. SO! AMAZING! that does mean my erasmus life doesn't really end next week, but will simply continue in my own university town this fall :)

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  1. ja zomer (L) vooral de dansjes doen en 's avonds in de zomer als het een beetje koeler wordt maar niet te koud (: oh ja heb je al een kamer?


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