trondheim? du er fin

hello world,

i'm ready: ready to leave trondheim. ready to move on. ready for new adventures.
it definitely has been the 5 months i've been dreaming of. with all amazing people from all over the world, the so-called "what's your name where's you from what do you study (why are you in trondheim)"-conversation, frozen hair if i forgot blow-drying it again, the smiling busdrivers angry busdrivers tired busdrivers and the old white busses. with the snow, all hours at vassfjellet, finally really enjoying snowboarding again, sliding down in dødens dal and in the end decide sliding even more down to drink some hot chocolate. with people skating on the streets, drinking coffee wearing "pyjamas" facebooking in class, with ritter sport for 15nok, crappy coffee at sito, trying to find his notes in one of the (thousand) books in the canteen, extremely long talks (because that's more fun than studying, "and for you talking actually ís studying"). with collecting empty beer bottles to get rich, not buying fruits but the 17nok first price chocolate (and first price chocolate chip cookies), with the "red and brown one" at bunnpris, with you at rema 1000 and all the times i went there to just buy something i actually didn't need, to smile at you behind your counter and then you running behind me to ask my number. freezing but still walking around in the city center, always eating pancakes or taco or pasta, your big bed and playing the piano and how you managed to play piano with your toes, chocolatecake for breakfast... with the joy and enthusiasm of exchange students when there was northern lights outside, especially the evening i saw pink and blue and green and purple DANCING in the sky ♥. with my super nice flatmates eating in the kitchen, learning german, talking on skype all night long, singing the cookie song, having dinner around midnight, playing around with glowsticks, .. with the mountains, the nature, the fjord, bakklandet, the tv tower, buran, lian, bymarka, dragvoll and i don't know what more. edit: with playing frisbee and having everyone joining, "just write a message on facebook and you'll have som fun", unexpected grillparties and staying up all night since it doesn't get dark anyway and dancing on the roof top is so much more fun. with all the trips. the waytoomany-h bus to stockholm, being happy to see "old" friends, but longing back to trondheim. a 10-day roadtrip down the west coast, with 5 people i didn't really know. ... a quick train ride to hell, trying to find rock painting (in the snow). with late night walks (and talks), amazing friends, the intern free phone system, facebook facebook facebook, the orange cookies from bunnpris and cheapest strawberries you can find. with playing kubb at marinen, finally go to munkholmen and climb the nidarostower and ...
(there is actually a lot more i could add to this list - and i will do that during the days, maybe)

so, yes: ready to leave all this behind. (and yes, i do doubt every time i write this sentence down) but first ready to spend some 24 more hours with amazing people, in an amazing city, in an amazing country.


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  1. aww het klinkt echt amazing en ooit moet je me Trondheim laten zien hoor :)


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