yesterday i made a typical dutch cake, for this "international dinner" i went to. it's called arretjescake and easy and fast to make, cheap, (not too healthy) and it reaaally tastes like chocolate. and that's how we - or at least i - like it.

you need: • 200gr "brown sugar", • 5 table spoons (25gr) cacao, • 250gr butter, • 200gr marie biscuits (the cheapest ones are good enough, i didn't use "real" marie biscuits either), • 2 eggs

you do:

1. melt the butter

2. mix the eggs + sugar

3. add the cacao

4. add the butter and stir it so you get a mixture like on the right picture

4. and then the fun starts! ;D you have to break the marie biscuits into small small pieces, and the easiest way for this actually is just by jumping on them. (or by using a hammer)

5. add the cookies to the mixture

6. don't forget to put baking paper in the baking form! - put the mixture in there and then let it rest in the fridge
after ± 2 hours (it's always better to wait longer though - i waited 9 hours) you can enjoy your arretjescake :)


  1. haa ik wil meer van dit soort posts! i love receptjes :)

  2. Thank you so much! I had never heard of it actually, but I've been wanting an easy recipe to make a farewell cake for my writer's group this Thursday.. Perfect!

  3. mmm, den så god ut!

  4. these photos are lovely! my mouth is watering :)

    xo Alison

  5. hihi mmmmm ik heb er nu alweer helemaal zin in, maar het pakje boter gaat te ver om vaak te eten :'). leuk dat je het gemaakt hebt, het is voor mij echt iets van vroeger enzo, wat niemand kent ;p

  6. Nam, den såg god ut.



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