from marlou with love.

hello world,

after one month of intensively looking around & trying to find things that would be nice to blog about, i've been thinking about why i wanted to have an online diary again. i remember my main reason: to make people smile. besides that i wanted to (get more motivated to) document my life, and keep in touch with friends i don't talk to that often. looking back on this last month i realized this is not what i'm doing at all, so i decided to change something. i will start writing small letters about what's going on in my life, mostly in english (since only 50% of my friends actually understands dutch), together with pictures and of course a lot of things that make me happy. i hope this makes you all smile :)

talk to you soon,

ps. this picture is from stockholm, last february.


  1. vinduet var lukket...
    oh, nå skal jeg lese!!

  2. hi marlou, i love it to read your blog in english.......it's good for me to practice the english language. Please don't decide within a month writing in the norwegian language:)


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