it's getting hot in here...

hello world,

i've been home for over two weeks now. passed all my exams in trondheim and half of my exams in the netherlands (which i'm really happy with)! i'm FREE for the moment, but i don't have a job, i don't have a place to live (so i can't move - which was the plan for the beginning of july)... i did buy an ukulele though, which i'm practising all the time and i'm nearly that far i can present you a song maybe later today but definitely in the weekend. it's awesome :)
summer hasn't been too amazing yet, but i have faith that everything will work out. i have a job interview tomorrow, can go see at some apartments next week (oke, kijkavonden...) so please please CROSS YOUR FINGERS. i do know for sure i'll go to vienna a couple of days though, and to haldern pop festival, so summer definitely will get more exciting. right now it's just too hot to get outside, and even inside i'm sticking to everything i touch... at 8:54 in the morning it already is 33 degrees celcius... oh oh. this is going to be such an exciting day! .... (i plan to watch movies, paste pictures, maybe order new pictures, write letters, watch soccer!!!!!!!!, sit outside in the shadow / in our hammock, and sleep)
i hope you're all fine.


i need to write

in whatever language, so i made this tumblr where i'll post short stories, random thoughts, music and pictures. basically the same as here, yes, but mainly in dutch or norwegian. i don't feel i can express myself well enough in english. so, go here:



hello summer, #2

na 4 extra tentamens in groningen heb ik nu écht vakantie. het is fijn terug te zijn - groningen voelt meer thuis dan ooit, ookal heb ik geen thuis en ben ik het "zwerversbestaan" eigenlijk ook meer dan beu. sinds zondag heb ik elke nacht op een ander bed / bank / stuk vloer geslapen, bij iemand anders en hoe fijn ik het ook vind dat ik bij allemaal mensen mag slapen is het vooral vermoeiend geen eigen plekje te hebben. de kamer van de kijkavond gisteravond was te geweldig om waar te zijn, en ik heb hem inderdaad niet mogen krijgen. dus: als iemand nog een (fijne) kamer weet in groningen? let me know!

hello world,

i'm back in groningen, finally finished with my exams which means it really is summer holiday now! it's great to be back, with the nice weather and all nice people i haven't seen for almost half a year. i played guitar hero, had some written exams and one oral exam (which i passed with a 8,5!!!!! out of 10, i'm so happy!), went out for dinner at wagamama, had stroopwafel-icecream, went out for dinner at the "pancake boat", went to the park, went out for dinner once more, found a chocolate viking between the sprinkles on my bread and now have some time for myself at a friend's place, which is totally amazing after such busy days :). i'm going to test if it's warm enough to wear my summerdress, out for dinner again! and watch the netherlands playing soccer, of course. i hope your summer is as nice as mine, so far.

ps. EVERYTHING IS SO CHEAP AT HOME! (i buy too much crap, and i love it)



i have an iphone now, and haven't regret it one single second (yet). the 1st. amazing thing is that i'm having this song as my ringtone ♥, who can't fall in love with a thing that is able to do that?! ... my favourite apps so far:

screen 1:
pingchat! (sending free messages to other ping!-users / send me your ping! name), dropbox (to simply put files in a folder which is both on my iphone and macbook), belstatus (to check how many minutes / messages you have left) and wk-2010 (soccer world championships).

screen 2:
kranten (papers from all over the world), ns reisplanner (dutch trains), 9292ov (dutch public transport planner), atm hunter (find the closest cash mashine).

screen 3:
shazam (recognizes songs that are playing), tunewiki (to get the lyrics by the music you're playing, 3voor12 luisterpaal (listening to brand new cd's for free), albert heijn (a dutch supermarket, with the "bonus", recipe's, etc), pathé (dutch cinema - what's playing in which city and when, you can watch trailers and even reservate tickets!), fokke & sukke (daily comics), emoji free (makes it possible to use smileys ;D), whatthefont (take a picture and it tells you what font is used).

screen 4 (games):
tap tap revenge (kind of guitar hero), fling! free (puzzle game with tapping fluffy animals off the edge of the screen), fruited lite (kind of bejeweled but with fruits and quite annoying animals), imbecile test (simply awesome), paper toss (throwing paper into the garbage bin), scoops (collecting ice cream), doodle jump (super cute drawn jumping game).

what are your favourite applications? (and other tips?)


this is no goodbye, letters to "trondheim"

hola! hallo! bonjour! it's weird not seeing you every day anymore, not hearing people talking behind my room door or finding dishes that aren't mine. even though we didn't get to know each other that well, i really liked living with you and definitely felt at home in our flat with the always dirty window and (fucking) fish in the freezer... hope to see you again some day!

hei kjære, jeg er så himla glad for at vi ble kjent. for alle fine ting vi fikk opplevd og alle fine stunder vi har hatt, alle fine ord som har blitt sagt, alle sjokoladekaker vi har spist til frokost :), alle ganger du sa du er fin og alle ganger jeg ville si det men ikke turte, redd for at du skulle løype fra meg og ting ikke var like fine som jeg trodde. jeg er glad glad glad for at vi snakker fremdeles, og gleder meg til den dagen vi treffes igjen. (kom hit!) du er fin! ♥

hei hei! i'm glad we kept hanging out - maybe not as much as in the beginning, but still from time to time. all the times we had lunch at dragvoll, receiving the lunsj i morgen kl. 12? messages and all the waffles at café m. and your answer on my most recent facebook message made me smile so much :), and your norwegian is amazing.

hallo, or maybe this is more supposed to be a goodbye. i really had fun times hanging out with you, but time changes and people change and i guess we just seperated really fast. which is a pity, in one way, but i guess in the end it's the best for all of us. it was definitely nice meeting you, though!

and you, i'm glad we actually managed to keep hanging out, even though "the group" seperated. i spent both my first and last evening with you, which i think is really nice, and will never ever forget about all the night talks and walks (when it was still light outside). the getting lost and drinking a quick tea, not going inside but keep talking in front of the door, walking another round, and that weird dog haha! i hope to see you soon!

hei, skrivere :). jeg tror ikke dere vet hvor glad jeg er for at jeg ble kjent med dere, men det er jeg! det var utrolig koselig å møte og lese og spise lunsj og synes det er så rart at det snør i mai, og jeg vil takke for et fint fint semester med skriving og fine morsomme og kanskje også litt triste historier. dere er flinke! (si fra når dere har skrevet ei bok, da skal det kjøpes!) og i tillegg har dere hjulpet meg mye med norsken min. jeg synes synd på at vi ikke fikk sagt ha det, men det betyr kanskje det kommer flere skrivemøter? neste gang jeg er i trondheim? ja!

hoi! ik vind het leuk dat ik hoi kon zeggen, en hajje, dat er zo ver van huis toch iemand was die net zo enthousiast werd van hagelslag en stroopwafels en boterkoekjes en sterrenmunt thee als ik, en dat ik altijd kon klagen of gewoon even nederlands praten :). tot snel!

du...jeg har tvilt på om jeg skulle skrive til deg eller ikke, om jeg skulle late om du var "engelsk" slik at du sannsynligvis ikke vet hvem du er, eller om jeg skulle være ærlig. jeg skal være ærlig: du er så jævlig fantastisk, men det vet du nok.

yeonghaseyo onni ㅋㅋㅋ i'm so happy i got to know you!! even though your food and even crisps were way too spicy, and even though you got bird poo on your jacket the very first time we hang out - we survived hell! i guess that's worth mentioning. thanks for giving me a look in your culture, thanks for learning me kkk and yuuuu yuu ㅠㅠ, and thanks for all amazing talks and hugs and walks. hopefully see you soon, and if not i see you next summer! then we definitely have to sing karaoke ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

hei! det var så koselig å bli kjent med deg og du er så søt (særlig den gangen du bare kom opp til rommet mitt for å gi meg den beste sjokolade fordi jeg var syk, nam)! takk for fine samtaler og masse sjokolade og frukt :), jeg håper vi sees igjen (hvor som helst på verden, hih)

hei du :). jeg husker at vi begge to ikke ville vise teksten våres for jeg er ikke norsk, skjønner du og jeg husker følelsen da jeg fant ut du ikke er norsk heller! det ble enda bedre da vi kunne snakke om sommerkurset i bergen, selvom vi ikke gikk der samme år, og jeg synes det er litt dumt vi ikke fikk henge litt mer, men gøy var det! særlig munkholmenturen, åååh.

hallo! hoi! hello! even though not every day was as amazing as it maybe should have been, i still think we really had a lot of fun hanging out together so many days in a row. i love the fact how HUGE our car was, how you guys managed to drive it and how much things we managed to do in all these days. thanks :)

hällö dü, i'm so going to miss your enthusiasm and chocolate and random phone calls and just laughing when picking up the phone cause i knew it was you. you should give me your chocolate mousse recipe (if you want to - if not, just come over and make it for me!) cause that actually might be one of the best desserts i've ever tasted. you better know you're more than welcome to visit and i hope you decide to do that SOON.

hee! jou mag ik natuurlijk niet vergeten, want ookal ben je dan misschien één grote mengelmoes, voor mij ben je gewoon "het andere nederlandse meisje", met wie ik makkelijk over alles kon praten en ook altijd leuke dingen kon doen. ik heb nu al zin in i am oak! tot snel!

.. and basically everyone else i met the last couple of months (i could write about frisbee or free cakes or the basement or something like that, but that takes time - i'm sorry!). never ever hesitate to call when you're in the netherlands - it would be amazing to see you back. not living that close anymore doesn't mean we can't stay in touch, you know ♥ HJERTE